I just finished the install of a new Cold Case Radiator in my 73 F-100. It fit perfect with no modifications whatsoever. Radiator mounts, fan shroud bolt holes, everything fit perfect! It also runs cooler than ever. The temp gauge stays a lot lower than it ever has driving in warm weather. It looks great too!! I wanted to send You this because when I registered my warranty it had no option to not leave a review, and since I had not installed it yet I gave it all 3 stars. If I could do it now after installing and driving it would be all 5 stars! I will not hesitate to recommend Your radiators.
Scott B - 73 F100 (Apr 30,2021)
My mechanic of 45 years who mostly did the job claimed your radiator was the best made one he has ever seen. Ronnie has built custom Vette's & had cars he built or painted in magazines, & on magazine covers. The radiator works very well. Thanks for building such an excellent product, especially in this day & age!
Joe S - 66 Chevy C10 Suburban (Oct 26, 2020)
5 stars, this radiator brought the temp of my 389ci from 220-230, down to 170-190. what a difference.
Paul A - 65 Lemans (Aug 12, 2020)
Replaced a 4 row champion radiator with this 2 row and my car is finally staying cool.
Brandon P - 71 Dart (June 25, 2020
We installed a Cold Case radiator in our 1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Indy 500 Pace Car. The old one was starting to leak and had sludge built up in it. The Cold Case was totally a direct fit replacement requiring no modifications at all. The car runs a lot cooler, and it looks great! Very happy with this purchase and I'd recommend them to anyone!
Al Edward - 80 Pontiac Trans Am (October 21, 2019)
Just want to say your company produces a superior product. I was having serious overheating problems with the 3 core copper/brass radiator in my 66 Ford resto-mod with a 351C engine. After shopping for a direct replacement only to discover the high cost, I did some research and was really sold on Cold Case Radiators. I ordered the big block ford replacement from you, installed it with a couple of minor modifications and the Ford ran an average of 19 degrees cooler under all driving conditions on a humid 88 degree day. Right out of the box I had a good feeling about the radiator and it did the trick not to mention that I saved about $300.00 over a copper/brass direct fit replacement. It will be great to drive on a hot day without having to look at the temp gauge every 2 minutes and thank you for helping me solve the overheat issue.
Dan K - 66 Ford (July 10, 2019)
This is the third cold case radiator I have installed, they perform fantastic!
Norman Crow - 71 Chevelle (February 13, 2019)
Thanks again for sending the number. Bushings arrived quickly (2 days!) and the radiator installation has been a success! Glad that’s over for and I now have a Cold Case radiator resting on brand new grommets. Looks so good that I don’t want to put the shroud on and cover it up lol Thank you to everyone at Max Performance/Cold Case Radiators/ GTOG8TA.com. Also found great video on YouTube which gave me the confidence to install the radiator and saved me $375 on labor! Okay, my rambling email is finally over and you guys (Michael in particular) were amazing. My sincere thanks
Jerry W - 06 GTO (Jan 23, 2019)
This radiator and electric fans kit is a top notch, very well made and good looking piece of equipment. My GTO has a bored and stroked engine and after installing this radiator the temps dropped around 15 degrees now staying between 185-200.
Charles T - 66 GTO (Sept 9, 2018)
I'm an avid classic car nut and my 1966 mustang gt is my baby. The moment I unpacked my radiator from the box I could tell it was all quality. Although it took me a while fiddling with one transmission coolant line to make it fit the remainder of the installation was seamless. Fit and fitment like a glove. Simply a class "A" product. Cold-Case obviously has done their homework. They should be proud, I am.
Bob T - 66 Mustang GT (Sept 1, 2018)
This radiator was truly an EXACT fit install and my factory fan shroud even fit WITH NO ISSUES AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!! Before I installed this radiator, on a cool day my car with a 468cid engine ran at 190 degrees and on a warm day ran at 225 degrees. Now I can sit at idle in 90 degree temps and the car never goes over 180 degrees. That's one less thing to worry about !!
Michael - 68 Firebird (Aug 18, 2018)
As many of you may know, ever since I rebuilt my SBC 383 (With an 8.5 CR) in my '68 El Camino and added a Procharger (With 15 lbseriT. of boost and an intercooler) I have had a difficult time in keeping the temperature below 210°F (With a 50/50 mix of antifreeze, no thermostat, a standard flex fan & shroud) in sunny Southern California traffic.
Frank M - 68 El Camino (July 15,2018)