This is the third cold case radiator I have installed, they perform fantastic!
Norman Crow - 71 Chevelle (February 13,2019)
Thanks again for sending the number. Bushings arrived quickly (2 days!) and the radiator installation has been a success! Glad that’s over for and I now have a Cold Case radiator resting on brand new grommets. Looks so good that I don’t want to put the shroud on and cover it up lol Thank you to everyone at Max Performance/Cold Case Radiators/ GTOG8TA.com. Also found great video on YouTube which gave me the confidence to install the radiator and saved me $375 on labor! Okay, my rambling email is finally over and you guys (Michael in particular) were amazing. My sincere thanks
Jerry W - 06 GTO (Jan 23, 2019)
This radiator and electric fans kit is a top notch, very well made and good looking piece of equipment. My GTO has a bored and stroked engine and after installing this radiator the temps dropped around 15 degrees now staying between 185-200.
Charles T - 66 GTO (Sept 9, 2018)
I'm an avid classic car nut and my 1966 mustang gt is my baby. The moment I unpacked my radiator from the box I could tell it was all quality. Although it took me a while fiddling with one transmission coolant line to make it fit the remainder of the installation was seamless. Fit and fitment like a glove. Simply a class "A" product. Cold-Case obviously has done their homework. They should be proud, I am.
Bob T - 66 Mustang GT (Sept 1, 2018)
This radiator was truly an EXACT fit install and my factory fan shroud even fit WITH NO ISSUES AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!! Before I installed this radiator, on a cool day my car with a 468cid engine ran at 190 degrees and on a warm day ran at 225 degrees. Now I can sit at idle in 90 degree temps and the car never goes over 180 degrees. That's one less thing to worry about !!
Michael - 68 Firebird (Aug 18, 2018)
As many of you may know, ever since I rebuilt my SBC 383 (With an 8.5 CR) in my '68 El Camino and added a Procharger (With 15 lbseriT. of boost and an intercooler) I have had a difficult time in keeping the temperature below 210°F (With a 50/50 mix of antifreeze, no thermostat, a standard flex fan & shroud) in sunny Southern California traffic.
Frank M - 68 El Camino (July 15,2018)