Why Cold Case?


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Why Cold-Case Radiators®?

Here at Cold-Case Radiators®, our goal is to produce the highest quality aluminum radiator, every model have correct fitment, look original, all while maintaining a reasonable price point. Our extensive research and development team ensures that you are getting a drop in radiator with every purchase. We don't cut corners or cross over year ranges if the dimensions are close. If we list it, it's original fitment with no modifications to be made.


All Cold-Case Radiators® Feature:

Cold-Case Radiators® vs The Competition

Core Chart



This picture shows that we made the inlet and outlet correct for a 64-65 GTO. Their's is universal for 64-67 and had the inlet on the wrong side and the petcock valve in the wrong spot. Cold-Case Radiators® does each application RIGHT.



Note the clean Cold-Case Radiators® look where welds are on the inside of the tank instead of the outside. Also note the ability to install an original looking radiator cap on Cold-Case Radiators® Models.


Don't be fooled by "2 row" cooling. Both of these radiators are 2 row. However, the Cold-Case Radiators® unit has (2) 1-1/8" rows vs (2) 5/8" rows for about 40% higher volume! Our radiator holds 2.25 gallons vs the one on the right only holds 1.5 gallons.'



Stamped tanks vs welded tank. Note the clean Cold-Case Radiators® look where welds are on the inside of the tank instead of the outside. Also see our welds vs the competition.


Our welds vs their welds.


Our Cold-Case radiator is 42.7 % lighter than a comparable copper radiator but has 30% more material thickness than the cheaply made no-name radiators.



Fluids enter the radiator by water pump pressure but pass through the radiator also by gravity. Therefore in most situations, there are always hot and cold spots in traditional radiators.

Cold-Case Radiators® Dual Flow designed radiators more evenly distributes the fluid eliminating hot and cold spots. Look for the Dual Flow symbols on your favorite radiator.



Cold-Case Radiators® is proud to offer direct fit aluminum fan shroud kits for most of its product line. These shrouds are application specific and are meant for use with Cold-Case Radiators® only. Unlike other cheap shroud kits, Cold-Case Radiators® kits are designed for your specific application. We don't use universal shrouds to fit multiple applications. If you want an electric setup, look no further than a correct fit module setup from Cold-Case Radiators®.



Part of Cold-Case Radiators®' "not cutting corners" on anything is relevant here. Ours cores take up the the entire width of our tanks. This gives you the most cooling possible out of the radiator. Cold-Case Radiators® don't leave space for any inefficiencies.



Cold-Case Radiators® Face-Off